XMD333 WIDE+ / 29er (375 g)

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  • 622/32 h Black Disk (375 g / Eyelets) --- 129,00 €
129,00 €
inkl. 19% Mwst.
108,40 € Netto
Art-Nr. :
“XMD333 WIDE+ / 29er”
Ultra light WIDE+ Disc Rim for XC and XM
More inner width for a steeper carcass, more traction with less pressure
Eyelets allow for spoke tension up to 1150 Nm
Permitted tyre pressures from 26psi - 50psi
Tubeless-Ready: Suitable for both, tubes and tubeless systems
This B.O.R-Product is permitted for CrossCountry and CrossMarathon use ONLY! It has a rider weight limit of 90 kilos! This refers to the total weight of the rider including clothing, footwear and possibly backpack! (The weight of the bike is NOT included into the “maximum rider weight”!).
10 years of “Tubeless” and ultra-light Alloy Rims!

Developed even before the official launch of “B.O.R Germany” its founders manufactured Tubeless Sealant and Tubeless-Ready light weight rims. Beiing the winner in Europe’s biggest MTB magazin’s “Tubeless-Test” (“Bike” 10/2006) with our B.O.R Tubeless Kit the first step had been made!

In the last 9 years B.O.R rims won countless victories and podium finishes at Cape Epic, Transalp, Trans-Germany, world cups, 24h world championships, etc. and have been (beside Notubes rims) state of the art reference rims regarding low weight and Tubeless-Readyness. They have also found, specifically in the last 4-5 years, many followers (Ryde, American Classic or WTB), most of which, in contrast to B.O.R rims, come from Far East!

Our most prominent riders:
2-times and present “German Marathon Champion” Silke Schmidt
“German Vice-Champion” Max Friedrich
Multible “Swedish Champion” Jens Westergren
Currently most successful Portuguese biker Sonia Lopes
Present “Austrian U19 Champion” Felix Ritzinger
And among other teams like
Team MHW Cube
Team Black Tusk Racing
Team Zwillingscraft (Sandra Klose)
Podium finishes of the last 12 months (only 2014):
1# - Trans Zollernalb 2014 (Women’s) - Jana Zieschank
1# - Black Forest Bike Marathon 2014 (long distance) - Jana Zieschank
1# - German Championships MTB Marathon 2014 (Women’s) - Silke Schmidt
2# - German Championships MTB Marathon 2014 (Masters 1) - Max Friedrich
2# - Transalp 2014 (2erMixed) - Silke Schmidt, Sascha Schwindling
5# - Transalp 2014 (2erMixed) - Jana Zieschank, Max Friedrich
1# - Albstadt LBS Bike Marathon 2014 (Women’s) - Silke Schmidt
3# - Rothaus Hegau Bike Marathon 2014 (Women’s) - Silke Schmidt
1# - Hero MTB Himalaya 2014 (Women Solo) - Sónia Lopes
1# - Cape Pioneer Trek Bridge 2014 (2erMixed) - Jana Zieschank, Max Friedrich
RIM WEIGHT “XMD333 WIDE+ / 29er”:
375-380 grams anodised
Regular Tyres + Regular Tube
Regular Tyres + B.O.R-Tubeless-Kit or comp. Tubeless Kit
Tubeless-Ready-Tyres + B.O.R-Tubeless-Kit or comp. Tubeless Kit
Classical UST tyres + B.O.R-Tubeless-Kit or comp. Tubeless Kit
Competitor’s Tubeless Systems/Kits: Other tubeless manufacturer’s instructions must be observed!
Tyre Manufacturers: Other manufacturer’s instructions must be observed!
Permitted Tire Diameters: 1.75’’ bis 2.80 ‘’
1.75/1.8 : 2,0bar - 3,5bar (29psi - 50psi)
1.9/2.1 : 1,8bar - 3,2bar (26psi - 45psi)
2.25/2.40 : 1,6bar - 2,9bar (23psi - 42psi)
2.60/2.80 : 1,5bar - 2,7bar (21psi - 39psi)
Cross Country / Marathon
NOT All Mountain / Enduro / DH!
High pressure profiling (7.5 T)
Anodised or powder coated
Sleeve + Glued Connect
Hole numbers : 32
1.3 mm asymmetry
Rim Width: 27,8 mm
Inner Width: 24,3 mm
Rim Height: 17,0 mm
ERD: 606 mm
Diameter: 29er (622 mm)
ETRTO: 622-24
Double-crossed & Triple-crossed
1000-1200 Nm spoke tension
Blade Spokes and Butted Spokes
Aluminum and brass nipples (12-14 mm)